Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One clean room

The front room in the carriage house is now officially clean enough that I can put my office in it for daytime use. The walls and ceiling appear to have small flecks of (presumably thrown) food. The carriage house apartment's previous occupant suffered from Huntingon's Disease, the hereditary neural degenerative disease that killed Woody Guthry. It doesn't make for easy cleanup, but it's all possible.

I also got another window open in the carriage house bedroom. That room still smells fairly vile, so it needs another few passes, clearly. The open window will help. It doesn't have glass in it, but it does have a storm window on it. It had been stuffed with R-13 fiberglass insulation and covered with Visqueen.

That was the sum total of today's progress. I'm busy with paying work this week; don't expect much.


  1. It seems that I keep expecting you to move in faster than is realistic. Honestly, I can see working someplace filthy, but the idea of sleeping there is vile. I think you've wise to make sure it's clean enough before you actually move in.

    Not that you need my approval, of course.

    But still, I'm glad it's clean enough to work in, and you can do your paying work in relative proximity to the housework.

  2. Well, I could even see sleeping in the front room. But (a) no hot water, (b) no kitchen appliances, and (c) no hot water mean no shower, no meals, and no shower respectively. And I ain't sitting on that toilet yet. (No, I am not taking before pictures of the toilets. You may thank me now.)

    So my options are limited at the moment. If I can spend the days there, things will go way faster, though. So that's my next phase.

  3. I've seen some live versions on my house hunt. So I thank you.