Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too busy

All I did today was clean the stove, finish mopping the kitchen ceiling, and install Window 2. Not precisely a wasted day (I mean, I need money, too) but it's always frustrating not to make great strides.

Anyway, the updated carriage house livability to-do list is a little shorter now, and I've rearranged it into priority order:
  1. Carriage house livability

    • Kitchen
      • Put fridge into fridge nook (this requires some special cleaning)
      • Finish cleaning
      • Unpack kitchen items from downstairs

    • Bathroom
      • Repair tub wall
      • Install new tub surround
      • Install new (pedestal) vanity
      • Finish cleaning, probably paint the trim

    • Windows
      • Trim on bedroom window and window 2
      • Front windows
      • Remaining two 28"x54" at my leisure (kitchen and bathroom)

    • Cleaning
      • Scrub stairs
      • Finish mopping ceiling and walls in bedroom and front room
      • One more thorough mopping of entire apartment

    • Hook up washer and dryer

    • Paint all external trim

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