Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fixing the bathtub wall II

This came out a little blurry, but here's the second layer of patch in place, and the faucet handles so I could take my morning shower.

The thickness worked out fine at the corner with the other wall, but the patch is at least an 1/8" too thick at the other side. Plaster, since it's hand-applied instead of factory-made, can vary in thickness unless the plasterer is very careful about even thickness; I can only assume that's what happened here.

Since the whole thing is getting covered with a tub surround, I don't think it's going to be too important. My tub surround might be a little lumpy, but it probably won't be very noticeable. Another thing to note, ex post facto: mark the location of studs before putting your wallboard in place, and you will curse less and waste fewer screws.

Also, turns out my rock-solid faucet, while still rock-solid, is not as straight as I had thought. I should have been more careful when fastening the straps. The cold water tap projects from the wall about a quarter-inch more than the hot. That's invisible when there's no wall, but now it's clear. Sigh.

Well, if that's the worst screwup I make in this renovation, I'm probably going to be pretty happy. At least it all works, and doesn't leak.


  1. You are really moving right along.

  2. It doesn't feel like it. I guess given that I'm working a slightly-over-full-time freelance job at the same time should allow me to feel justified, but I had hoped to be further along by July.