Sunday, May 31, 2009

Truck 'o' Stuff now Carriage House 'o' Stuff

That 20 by 40 feet seems big when empty, but put a household's worth of stuff in it, and it shrinks amazingly.

I ache all over, and I'm sadly behind schedule on paying work, but having the Stuff in place is a great relief.

In other news, I bought a washer and dryer for $50 today. I really like Craigslist. On Tuesday, I'm picking up a fridge for $100 and a stove for $75, and that will conclude my appliance purchases for the present, that being enough to make the carriage house livable. I should really total up my expenses a la Walden. I do have all the Lowe's receipts; it would really just be a matter of putting the details into a spreadsheet, which would be fun.

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