Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Is it wrong to go to Venice and take pictures of the infrastructure? (Just kidding; I have lots of normal pictures, too.)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Housebuilding hiatus

"Oh, sure," you say, "You already went into hibernation once this year!" Well, Gentle Reader, this won't be hibernation; it'll be estivation. We're off to Budapest tomorrow for two months, and so there won't be any House work completed during that time.

Not to say I won't find something else interesting to post here (Europe does, after all, have the occasional attractive old building), but it won't be about progress on The House.

So I guess this would be a good time for a planning post, wouldn't it? Here's something like the current list:

  1. Windows in big house

    • Finish painting first-floor windows
    • Glazing work; several missing and cracked panes here and there, lots of putty replacement

  2. Winterization

    • Carriage house
      • Weatherstripping around two downstairs doors
      • Insulated board for small window on south corner
      • Still a little caulking/plastering above the south wall and in the closet area on the southeast corner
      • Insulated board for attic access panel

    • Big house
      • Urethane in obvious holes in basement walls (mortar later)
      • Boards over vents under first back addition
      • Board up two basement windows on east basement

    • Tuck pointing on both buildings

  3. Carriage house bathroom
    • Attach and plumb vanity

  4. Carriage house electrical work
    • Replace stolen ground wire outside
    • Overhead light for washer/dryer area
    • Separate circuit for bedroom to permit use of air conditioner

  5. Carriage house paint and trim
    • Paint walls and trim in bathroom
    • Finish trim on remaining windows (three)
    • Fresh plaster patching and paint in living room, then hallway, stairs, and kitchen

  6. Equipment closet in big house
    • Reroute incoming DSL into closet in dining room
    • Add an electrical outlet there for the Linux box

  7. Carriage house garage area
    • Remove superfluous fiberglass insulation (40% complete)
    • Still some miscellaneous plaster, and more paint, aye!

  8. Dining room
    • Remove and scrape wallpaper (60% done, thanks to daughter)
    • Remove damaged drywall from ceiling
    • Finish restoration of plaster on walls (base coat's on)
    • Drywall ceiling
    • Paint (I'm still liking that semi-gloss ultra white)
    • Clean and maintain the woodwork and buffet
    • Shore up under floor (soft spot from long-standing leak in roof fixed in 90's)
    • Polish floor

  9. Carriage house kitchen window

  10. Carriage house roof and gutters (the last big money job to save for)

  11. Porch restoration

    • Paint all pillars
    • Cast duplicates of scroll work on pillars to replace missing bits

  12. Big house heat (not so crucial now)

    • Ductwork as needed
    • Probably baseboard heat upstairs, at least in my office

  13. Remainder of big house

    • Upstairs bathroom plumbing (got a good plan to reroute this)
    • Addition of sink in kitchen
    • Cleaning
    • Finish plaster patching in back stairs area, paint
    • Reroute supply wire to blue room electrical (that's the one running outside right now)
    • Think about plaster on basement walls, a big job
    • It would be nice to insulate and finish the attic space
    • Tiles in the master bath?
    • Hardwood veneer in the Blue Room?

  14. Breezeway/swimming pool connecting buildings

    • Well, I can dream