Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bathtub plumbing really done now

A bit of a slow day - I've mostly just been sleeping. But having slept here, I also showered here, and that means I was motivated to finish the shower (see how that works?)

As you may recall, I used screw straps to hang the faucet assembly from the wall frame. That was solid in terms of translation, and in the yaw and roll rotational dimensions - but left some play in the pitch. (Which makes sense if you think about it.) I reasoned that the best way to eliminate the play in the pitch was to strap the pipe down up at the shower head.

I'm fortunate here in that there's a little closet behind the bathtub plumbing, so I got to knock a hole in the wall to do the job, without having to worry about patching it for now. I'm a great believer in ready access to things, so I'm going to make a little access panel to put here. If I get really creative, I'm going to put it on hinges.

And I'm doubly fortunate in that there was already a piece of wood in place for the anchor. Somebody once put a nail in there to hold the pipe relatively steady, but I prefer my screw strap.

In case you're wondering, it was great sleeping here; it was actually quieter than my sister's office I've been using at night (less traffic), and no ghosts manifested, no thieves broke in - nothing! Just a good night's sleep.

If I do anything more today (I'm thinking of going to see a movie) it'll just be cleaning, of which there is still any amount left to do. The next bathroom task will either be fixing the bathtub wall or installing the new vanity, which is still sitting in the van downstairs.

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