Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bathtub faucet re-reinstalled

OK, faucet re-reinstalled, plumbed, and found good. I didn't tape the pipe up to the shower, though, so I'm going to redo that. Then I just have to build the wall again, get a new tub surround, and we're ready to go!

In other news, second coat of paint (topcoat) on the frame of Window 2, and got the stove up into the kitchen. Also set up a dehumidifier in the garage/storage area downstairs. Now that the incessant rain has stopped, it's drying out, but not fast enough for my taste. So: progress. Small, but steady.

If all this paying work would stop coming in, I could move faster, except of course then I'd have to go into a marketing panic, and be depressed, and not have any money for stuff anyway.

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