Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Plan

So here is my current plan, partially ramified into a current to-do list:
  1. Carriage house livability

    • Kitchen
      • Finish cleaning
      • Put fridge into fridge nook (this requires some special cleaning)
      • Carry stove up from van, install, clean
      • Unpack kitchen items from downstairs

    • Bathroom
      • Reinstall tub faucet assembly, plumb, test
      • Repair tub wall
      • Install new tub surround
      • Install new (pedestal) vanity
      • Finish cleaning, probably paint the trim

    • Windows
      • Finish window 2
      • Front windows
      • Remaining two 28"x54" at my leisure (kitchen and bathroom)
      • Trim on bedroom window

    • Paint all external trim

    • Hook up washer and dryer

    • Cleaning
      • Scrub stairs
      • Finish mopping ceiling and walls in bedroom and front room
      • One more thorough mopping of entire apartment

  2. Cleaning in big house
    • Bedrooms upstairs (library floor still has partially glued padding)
    • Basement
      • Remove floor structure, save plywood and 2x4s
      • Clean actual floor
    • Back rooms (just vacuum and remove carpet)
    • Remainder of downstairs: just mop thoroughly

  3. Kitchen in big house
    • Install $10 sink, probably against east wall
    • Purchase and install long countertop against west wall
    • Electric cooktop in west wall counter
    • Second small "vegetable sink" in west wall counter
    • Cabinetry at a later date
    • Remove frame wall between present kitchen and "back room #2" to make extended kitchen area

  4. Upstairs plumbing in big house (two full baths)
    • Entirely new water supply due to stupid present routing
    • Local on-demand hot water for both showers

  5. Gutters and drainage

  6. Which brings us to the issue of heat in the big house... I want to get started on heat in earnest no later than early August, or Things Will Be Bad.
This should all be easy, right??


  1. I'm tired just from reading that.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. Not easy, but doable. You're making much faster progress overall than I would have expected, judging from what you write here. It may seem slow to you, but I live with a handyman-type, and believe me, it's not!

    (For some reason, LJ doesn't want to verify my identity today.)