Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kitchen's clean

So that's one top-level to-do point done. The remainder of the carriage house list is now as follows:
  1. Carriage house livability

    • Bathroom
      • Install new tub surround
      • Install new (pedestal) vanity
      • Finish cleaning, probably paint the trim

    • Windows
      • Trim on bedroom window and window 2
      • Front windows
      • Remaining two 28"x54" at my leisure (kitchen and bathroom)

    • Cleaning
      • Scrub stairs
      • Finish mopping ceiling and walls in bedroom and front room
      • One more thorough mopping of entire apartment

    • Hook up washer and dryer

      • Plumb the hot and cold over to the laundry area
      • Drain
      • Electrical work: one 110 outlet for the washer, one 220 for the dryer
      • Take a dryer vent through the wall to the outside
      • Put in a utility sink, too, as long as there's plumbing going on
      • Run a line over from the dehumidifier into the drain

    • Paint all external trim


  1. After reading that list, I think I need to go lie down for awhile...

  2. And you'll note that's actually just sublist #1 of The Plan, and the current version of The Plan itself only takes me to early August, because its final point is "start thinking about heat".

    I may manage this, or I may die. I shall be fascinated to find out which.

  3. Do you get any willing accomplices when your family shows up, or do they have other agendas?

  4. I'm interested in the answer to that myself, ha. Seriously - they're all pretty pumped about helping.