Friday, May 22, 2009

Plumbing (sigh)

Well, the good news is that the plumbing in the carriage house looks pretty good, so if I can get water out there, and clean it, I can move into it, at which point I won't have to keep driving across town every time I get the urge to do something, or need to check my email.  (Assuming my new ISP gets the broadband turned on -- they were supposed to have called already to set up a technician visit.)

The bad news is that when I tried to turn on the section in the basement to get to the carriage house, water came out in unexpected places.  So I'm not 100% sure I understand what's happening there.

Debugging sucks in any medium.

Also, one of the shutoffs I just installed has a leak -- when I opened it, it dripped on the downstream side.  So I have to replace it, meaning I have to go to the store first because I've already installed all four of my shutoffs.  And after I do that, I have to figure out why water is coming out of the hot water pipes even though when I cut the line to the hot water heater to cap it, it wasn't wet.  That, I don't get.

At least I have lots of cutoff valves, though!  Most of which don't leak.

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