Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So hi. I bought a house in March, and I'm now actually present on site. And as promised, I'm blogging it, and to save us all a great deal of headaches, I'm blogging it using code somebody else maintains, as opposed to writing my own. Again. Because between the paying work and The House, I think I can identify writing my own blogging code (again) as an unnecessary distraction.

I have lots of photos now, although they're still in my camera. So you can't see them until later.

I saw the house for the first time on Saturday evening, after driving from Miami. The air quality overwhelmed me immediately. But today, I ripped out my first carpet, and opened lots of windows, and by golly, it already smells better in there.

More later. I have lots of updates to add -- I should have set this up on Saturday, in retrospect. But at least I've started.


  1. Good luck. I own a 1912 house that thankfully is a great deal less maintenance but needs work too. I feel your pain.

    Best wishes. I look forward to posts. (I came over from making light)

  2. Does Blogger let you set up an RSS feed? If so, those of us on LJ will be able to follow you over there.

    (Lee from ML)

  3. Apparently, Blogger only does Atom by default - but by manually adding "?alt=rss" to the end of the URL, it turns to RSS instead.

    There's probably some way to make that easier to use.