Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I was right. Overdimensioning your heaters is a good idea. I like fast response times.

So the carriage house electrical list is almost taken care of. In the last week, I've:

  • Finished installing all the baseboard heaters
  • Put an overhead light in the front room and un-switched the switched outlet
  • Moved an outlet (today) because it was over one of the heaters
  • Fixed all the outlets in the kitchen (a GFCI outlet had been wired wrong)
  • Put an outlet in the bathroom
  • Moved the switch for the downstairs lights next to the door we actually use to enter the downstairs
  • Fixed two more overhead lights in the hallways

The only things left on the list are to replace the stolen ground wire and fix the entryway light next to the door downstairs. And maybe put some more outlets into the downstairs area. I'm just not sure where to put them, given the solid-brick nature of the walls. So that needs thought.

But: serious progress, especially the whole not-cold-anymore thing.

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