Monday, September 14, 2009

Progressive ran away

"Our underwriting guidelines currently do not allow us to insure properties whose replacement values are significantly higher than their market value. Sorry for the inconvience."

And I didn't even tell them about the carriage house!

Which makes me wonder: just how much would it cost to replace this house? The mind boggles! Millions, I'm sure.

They have a couple of (not so beautiful) houses in the neighborhood slated for demolition. I'm hoping I might be able to snag some floorboards if I figure out who to ask.


  1. I can see their point - that certainly seems like a good incentive for arson - but it still must be really annoying.

  2. Well, I'm more interested in liability, not e.g. fire. But that kind of fine-tuning is not the business Progressive is in. I just thought it was ... abrupt.