Friday, October 2, 2009

Roof complete

As promised, the roof pictures. From the south, compare with the earlier pictures with the lower box gutter falling off the house. We had originally intended simply to remove that eyebrow, but it turned out that its joists are the ceiling joists of the brick section. When we took it off, we could see the stairs.

So we put it back.

The north side of the house looks even cooler, I think. These eaves hang pretty far out, and the contractor was pretty frustrated that I wanted them wrapped in metal instead of vinyl. (The width made the metal hard to handle without it buckling.) But there's no other plastic in this house, and I don't intend to be the one to start.

I'm thinking some horizontal boards similar to the ones on the eaves on the sunroom (the very top right of the first picture up there) might look nice, and tie the whole thing together visually. Opinions?

So given my recent strides in electrical work in the carriage house, here's my rough to-do list:
  1. Carriage house livability

    • Garage area livability
      • Remove superfluous fiberglass insulation from the ceiling and around heating ducts (we're going to heat the garage area, after all; we're living in it)
      • Drywall the south wall where the garage door used to be
      • Caulk everywhere (a lot is done; more to be done)
      • Some plaster patching
      • More paint, aye

    • Windows
      • Finish bathroom window
      • Kitchen window

    • Bathroom
      • Attach and plumb vanity

  2. Carriage house electrical work
    • Replace stolen ground wire outside
    • Entryway lighting
    • Overhead light for washer/dryer area
    • Separate circuit for bedroom to permit use of air conditioner

  3. Carriage house paint and trim
    • Paint walls and trim in bathroom
    • All window trim

  4. Big house

    • Upstairs bathroom plumbing
    • Cleaning
    • Winterization, a lengthy process
    • Heat
    • Electrical systems: oh the humanity!

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  1. Yes, I like the horizontal boards idea. It would help tie all the loose sections together visually.

    Um... Hi. Nice to meet you, in a manner of speaking.

    I followed you here from Making Light, where I lurk, and I'm really enjoying watching you transform the house. (Also, thanks for the link to the least-squares fit of a sloping floor--that is a total geek delight.)