Monday, September 7, 2009

Front windows

I think I mentioned I finally finished the front windows last week. No trim, of course (that's not a functional to-do point), but they're tight and they work.

These windows, what with the need to rebuild the sill and reset the bricks under the old sill plate, really set me back longer than I had wanted. I wanted to have the heat under control during the month of August. But life does these things to us.

The current plan would have to be this:
  1. Carriage house electrical work

    • Replace stolen ground wire outside
    • Baseboard heaters
    • Entryway lighting
    • Second switch for garage area overhead lighting
    • Troubleshoot outlets in kitchen (none work)
    • Overhead light for washer/dryer area
    • Separate circuit for bedroom to permit use of air conditioner

  2. Carriage house livability

    • Garage area livability
      • Remove superfluous fiberglass insulation from the ceiling and around heating ducts (we're going to heat the garage area, after all; we're living in it)
      • Drywall the south wall where the garage door used to be
      • Caulk everywhere (a lot is done; more to be done)
      • Some plaster patching
      • More paint, aye

    • Bathroom
      • Attach and plumb vanity
      • Touch up paint on walls and paint the trim

    • Windows
      • Finish bathroom window
      • Kitchen window
      • Interior trim on all windows

  3. Big house

    • Roof work proceeding apace
    • Upstairs bathroom plumbing
    • Cleaning
    • Winterization, a lengthy process
    • Heat
    • Electrical systems: oh the humanity!


  1. What a project. This will keep you busy for quite some time. Hope the kids are getting to assist and learn about all this. We miss ya.
    And for some reason, I know have two profiles following the blog. Lucky me. Ray

  2. Hey, Ray! Well, if it's worth reading, it's surely worth reading twice.

    The kids are mostly cleaning up the yard outside, which is drawing a lot of positive commentary from the neighborhood. They've done some good work!