Thursday, July 23, 2009

Washer outlet live

Photographic evidence that I'm still capable of wiring a simple outlet. It's been a looong time since I reconfigured house wiring (since high school, actually, so about 25 years). It's pretty much the same, except wiring caps make things easier - and safer - than tape.

I took the outlet off the geometrically most convenient circuit; turns out this circuit is the front room outlets, at least (because when I turn it on, I hear the printer start upstairs).

I also got the dryer outlet wired, of which I will simply say right now that 8/3 wiring is really stiff. When it's working, I'll post pictures of the whole process. It's stymied right now because I forgot to bring wire staples, and I don't want to work with this cable without it being nailed solidly in place. 240V scares me a little. Not like getting on ladders, but certainly enough to instill a healthy dose of respect.