Thursday, July 9, 2009

Current plan, then

So now that the tub surround is done, my carriage house list looks like this:
  1. Carriage house livability

    • Bathroom
      • Attach and plumb vanity
      • Touch up paint on walls and paint the trim

    • Windows
      • Front windows
      • Remaining two 28"x54" (kitchen and bathroom)
      • Trim on bedroom window and window 2

    • Hook up washer and dryer

      • Plumb the hot and cold over to the laundry area
      • Drain
      • Electrical work: one 110 outlet for the washer, one 220 for the dryer
      • Take a dryer vent through the wall to the outside
      • Put in a utility sink, too, as long as there's plumbing going on

    • Cleaning
      • Finish mopping ceiling and walls in bedroom and front room

    • Paint all external trim

Looking a little more doable. Which is logical, given that time is passing, but still.

The overall plan at the moment is to make the carriage house livable, then start on the big house. There's still some carpet to remove over there, and the vanity in the blue bathroom - that has to be done soon so I can return the dumpster - but so far, it's just in a holding pattern for now.

There has been some discussion of renting an apartment due to the relative non-livability of the carriage house at the moment; that's still up in the air, but my sister happens to have a one-bedroom place available within easy bicycling distance and doable (but not terribly practical) walking distance, so it might work out pretty well for everybody. But I still feel that the best to-do list remains to get the carriage house to a nice basic condition, for resale value if nothing else. I've put maybe $1500 into this so far (not including the two dehumidifiers and the air conditioner, all of which can be reused or resold elsewhere). I'm pretty sure that if I didn't have to sell the house within the week, like the bank did when I bought it, I could at this point get a good $25,000 out of it even without getting the rest of the plumbing working. If I finish the carriage house windows and trim and plumb the big house, I figure that's going to go up to at least $30K, maybe even $40K if I'm not in a hurry. So there's very little downside here.

But take heart, Gentle Reader. I'm currently betting it's not going to come to resale.

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