Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Updated plan

Fourth post today: I know the planning posts are less fun, but for me they're the most useful, because they're my actual to-do lists I'm working from. The carriage house livability point is still the focus, although we're moving in on the big house, too, at this point (the books are living there, after all, and the WiFi access point).

  1. Carriage house livability

    • Garage area livability
      • Remove superfluous fiberglass insulation from the ceiling and around heating ducts (we're going to heat the garage area, after all; we're living in it)
      • Drywall the south wall where the garage door used to be
      • Caulk everywhere, the previous owners had no idea about winterizing, it drives me berzerk, there's daylight all over the place
      • Some plaster patching where it'll do some good
      • More paint

    • Bathroom
      • Attach and plumb vanity
      • Touch up paint on walls and paint the trim

    • Windows
      • Front windows
      • Remaining two 28"x54" (kitchen and bathroom)
      • Trim on bedroom window and window 2

    • Cleaning
      • Finish mopping ceiling and walls in front room

  2. Big house

    • Some more plumbing, perhaps the upstairs bathrooms
    • Cleaning
    • Winterization, a lengthy process
    • Heat

That's a pretty truncated big house list, but it's all still vague and just looming on the horizon.

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