Friday, July 31, 2009

Phone, and cleaning

The landline was turned on today (to the carriage house) and, of course, the wire needed a little work. And it turned out that:
  • Two wires had come loose in the inside terminal box
  • The terminal box itself predated the new wiring, and so its cover could not be removed until I unstapled the arm-thick 50A-rated 6-3 cable to the stove and moved it out of the way
  • Where the phone line (and an old cable wire) enter the carriage house, there is an inch-wide gaping hole to the outside with no attempt to insulate or seal.

So it was par for the course. I moved the inside terminal box (shown in the photo in its new position), restripped and fastened the phone wires, restapled the stove cable, and vowed to visit that wire entry on my Big Sealing Project later this month.

Cleaning: the last of the major carriage house cleaning is now complete, after today's marathon push to finish the mopping of the ceiling and walls in the front room. I still don't really want to know what process could have scattered organic material so thoroughly and with such even distribution onto the walls and ceilings here; I am merely grateful that it comes off this excellent enamel paint so easily.

So. Progress today, however slight.


  1. This reminded me of how we went around & around getting our phone lines rewired properly to get the DSL to work. And now we use Comcast cable for the internet, and cell phones. Those nice clean wires must feel lonely.

  2. My landline is fine -- the condo is only 18 years old -- but I just had Verizon disconnect it and keep the DSL -- saves me $35/month!