Saturday, June 4, 2011

Storm coming

I can't wait to see my new carriage house gutters in action!


  1. No action shots, please.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. It wasn't much rain. But there was no puddle on the walk between the houses! So that's a plus.

    Much, much more importantly, after an hour of rain, the wall was still dry. After we did the roof, thus removing the remnant of the old gutters, I realized that the eaves were directing water onto the wall. Instead of the fascia at the end being vertical, it was perpendicular to the roof surface, and droplets would run along it, then strike the wall.

    The threshold to the door swelled to the point that it was difficult to open and close the door, and there was calcium carbonate crystallizing out of the bricks and mortar on the southeast corner. Double-plus ungood.

    So. Gutters: masonry's best friend.