Saturday, June 4, 2011

State of the carriage house

I just took a spin around the carriage house and listed everything I thought needed done.

Upstairs and stairwell:
  • Door trim - Bondo, caulk, paint
  • Paint door, some caulk needed
  • Remount banister, paint
  • Paint stairs and entry door
  • Quarter-round next to stairs
  • Walls in stairwell, upper hall, kitchen - plaster, paint
  • Register in hall
  • Top coat on window #2 trim
  • Hall floor - new linoleum, quarter-round
  • Kitchen window
  • Fridge nook floor
  • Cabinet door and bottom in kitchen
  • Cabinets - patch with Bondo and paint
  • Yellow tile on wall: remove, scrape glue, paint
  • Attic access: insulate, paint
  • Bathroom sink drain
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Blue tile: remove, scrape glue, paint
  • Paint entire bathroom
  • Recaulk tub
  • Realign and finish faucet
  • Paint interior of closet
  • Floor: new linoleum, quarter-round
  • Reglaze hall cabinet
  • Front room: three places still require plaster patching, paint touch-up
  • Paint doors in front room and hall (strip old paint, primer, paint)
  • Closet nook: remove rotten plaster, replaster, paint, do something with floor
  • Remove remaining track on S wall, finish sealing and paint above old S door
  • Plaster at top of old S door
  • Remove drywall ceiling, insulation on north end of ceiling
  • SW window: insulated board, a little more plaster.
  • Replace S window (with screen)
  • Screen on W window
  • Finish trimming carpet
  • 1x2"trim on W wall. Caulk, paint.
  • N wall - plaster, paint
  • E window - finish wiring of outdoor and indoor outlets, lots of plaster, paint
  • Wire lights, 2 outlets on E wall, some baseboard heaters in the family area.
  • Dehumidifer stand and laundry corner shelving, with outlet
  • Light above laundry corner, switch on shelving.
  • Paint floor in concrete area
  • Drop ceiling in entire downstairs
  • Scrape and paint eaves. (How to get up to them?)
  • E wall - concrete under threshold, caulk, paint door and trim, paint threshold
  • Caulk and paint middle door frame (top coat)
  • Install security light (box already in place)
  • Mortar in foundation
  • Caulk under and around window, top coat of paint
  • N - fix light
  • Outhouse roof trim - replace, paint
  • W - tuck-point base
  • Mortar, caulk, paint old carriage door frame
  • 1x4" trim on S end of carriage door frame
  • Trim window, paint upstairs window
  • Mortar at base on SW
  • S wall - mortar, caulk, paint
  • Finish patching of sill of SW window
  • Drive: concrete patch, paint
  • Dig small drainage pipe for (new!) gutter downspout
I figure that's, what? Two or three days' work?

Seriously, though, I'm going to get as far as I can on this between June 22nd and July 1, when I'll have the place entirely to myself. Then I can put tarps down, move furniture into other rooms, and so on. I'm going to do some of the more cosmetic work during this time; bigger items probably won't get addressed at all (although the remainder of the summer is supposed to be House Time, too).

I don't even have the heart to post a similar list for the big house - but if that list were actually completed, I'd have a fully renovated carriage house on my hands, and it is doable. It truly doesn't need more than this right now - oh, sure, there are things that would be nice if I wanted to sink more money and time into them. But they're not necessary.

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  1. You are brave. When I think how much you've done already, I can't believe how long that list is.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky