Friday, August 21, 2009


There's one thing I'm going to pay people to do - or two, really. That's roofs, and gutters. I have decided I'm just not cut out for getting on ladders, and until I build an access stairway to the roof, that means hiring help. Ha!

Anyway, so we brought in a contractor to quote us two sections of roof (I'll document them later; I'm running kind of late with the blogging lately). Then after we got that priced out, at a reasonable $3400 for the two parts needed on the big house, it rained a bunch.

Turns out the carriage house needs some work. Well, I thought I'd have another year or two on it, but uh-uh. It's at least twenty years old, if not older, and the shingles are basically gone.

But there's no money right now for that. So we're slapping a tarp on it, and maybe next year the money will be there. We shall see. In the meantime, I kind of like the blue look. What do you think? It's way better than waiting for the ceiling plaster to erode and fall on our heads, anyway.


  1. Got an election of any sort coming up? Go out and harvest the biggest plastic political signs you can find as soon as it's over; 4'x8' is ideal. Work the top edge under the existing shingles, and make "super-shingles" out of them. This is what we did after Ike to patch the holes where the tree came thru our roof, and they worked much better than a tarp.

  2. Too late! Also, the existing shingles are so rotten you can't work anything under them, otherwise we would already have worked other shingles under them. But they just snap right off. So the whole roof of the carriage house is blue now. I was thinking, since it's red with white trim, we should paint white stars on the blue roof, and go super-patriotic.

  3. You may still want to harvest some signs. Tarps don't have a very long effective lifespan on roofs. Rotten shingles are a problem, though; we still had some good ones to work with.