Friday, August 28, 2009

It's raining

But the dining room is still dry. I have pictures of the original dining room roof on my daughter's camera, so until I find that cable, I won't post on the roof project, but I will say this: sometimes it's a hell of a lot faster to hire some guys. It cost me $1000 in labor and a few hundred in materials, but one of the two leaky sections of roof is no longer leaky. One more (to be done after Labor Day) and the roof is done, baby, done. That, and gutters, and we'll have a dry basement.

More this weekend; the paying work's been frantic this week.


  1. The "more of your time vs. more of your money" issue is an important one in any kind of handyman work. I've occasionally had to prod my partner with, "You don't have the TIME to do it, so if we don't pay for it, it's not going to get done at all."

  2. Yep. We went from sticking my finger through the roof to having a new roof in a matter of about a week, including the wait for the roofers to actually come; the work itself took two days.

  3. Dry basement sounds like a good thing. Glad to know you're all surviving and the house seems to be coming together.

    The wolverines say "Hey!" Or rather, they growl unintelligibly and devour the upholstery, but I know what they mean.

  4. Emsworth! Say hi to the wolverines for me; I miss them all terribly. Also I miss the two fingers on my left hand, but I know they meant it in the nicest possible way.