Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back home again in Indiana

I blew into town on Thursday evening and just went by the house today (the van turned out not to have been used since August and needed a tow to the shop yesterday, and a new battery and a tire and the oil changed and then it was already time to go out to supper with various family members).  Some lovely person stole the downspout on the north side, and it's been rainy, so the basement is very wet and things smell a tad musty in the big house. The carriage house smells questionable because the toilet's trap dried out completely and it smells urine-y.  Other than that, though, one year vacancy did not affect this house at all.

I so wish I could keep it.

Still haven't heard from the potential buyer, so I think I might move back on over there and start working on things at a slow pace, see what happens.


  1. It's a survivor, all right.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. My sister might need to move into it. If so, maybe I can keep it in the family.