Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Is it wrong to go to Venice and take pictures of the infrastructure? (Just kidding; I have lots of normal pictures, too.)


  1. It would be much more wrong to *not* take such pictures. (I have at least one of a small private bridge with pipes running along the bottom of it.)

  2. I just love seeing how they've solved all these problems of interaction with the real world and modern technology, yet still have a stunning city. It's so cool!

    Budapest is full of fantastic nineteenth-century architecture, too. I'll have to post some pics soon. My wife has come up with a new business idea, even: low-cost historic facade repair. Most of it's plaster casting, when you get down to it, with some mortar masonry. The key is this: you find a place with some damage to the frilly parts, and approach them with a reasonable quote. You do a 3D scan of the existing facade components, duplicate or reflect them onto the damaged areas, spin out a cast, pour the plaster, anchor said replacement part, apply stucco or paint the entire facade, and voila, low-cost facade repair.

    Existing options are basically to redo the entire facade at some exorbitant price, patch it in an ugly manner, or let it slide for another decade or two until somebody else buys it. I like this idea a lot.