Sunday, May 16, 2010

One room spiffy and clean

One room nearly done (the carriage house bedroom). First picture is the picture my sister took the day we closed; the second is the one I took just now after lots of paint was applied, the new window is trimmed and painted, and a new light fixture is in place. I guess you see the baseboard heater as well. (The door is still stripped here and needs a new knob, but it's always exciting to paint things and the room won't be this empty again any time soon.)


  1. You're working on the outside? The door looks like it needs some work.

  2. We had stripped the door for painting. The old paint was the same latex-on-oil that is chipping badly elsewhere in the apartment, and it had 60-year-old knobs. Which were very cool but no longer worked quite right.

    Today, we painted the doors to the bedroom and installed new brushed-nickel knobs that match the light fixture. Very cool. No pictures, though, because I'm buried in paying work.

    This week I'll be moving into the big house - we just don't really have room in the carriage house for all four of us. (My wife and I are members of that vanishingly small number of married couples that have never slept in the same room - we both like to sleep, and it just doesn't work for us in the same bed.)